Disciple Groups

“Making Disciples”

A church that takes The Great Commission seriously is in a continual state of attempting to “make disciples”. This journey of disciple making has become clearer to our leadership, particularly over the past year, as we have searched scripture and wise counsel concerning the best practices for making disciples.

The foundation of First Baptist Church’s discipleship process is the critical element of the intimate personal bible study of believers. We believe that all followers of Christ must meet daily with Him and allow Jesus to change us to become more like Him. This foundational element of personal Bible study is the key to making disciples.

This personal study leads to a second critical aspect of our making disciples. We believe that every disciple should be a part of a D-Group (Disciple-Group). A D-Group is a gender exclusive group of 3-5 people who meet together for 6-12 months. These groups meet to share together the discipleship journey in which we all share. D-Groups are founded upon disciplines that are imperative for making disciples. These disciplines include: Praying Continuously; Reading/Journaling Daily; Memorizing Scripture Weekly; Relying on the Spirit to lead.

If you are interested in growing deeper in your walk with Jesus, then we would love for you to be a part of this disciple making vision. You will not be required to read any books, complete any workbooks – All we ask is that you spend time daily with the Lord through Bible reading and meet for one hour a week.